EACA - Complete list of items *

*) This list serves to keep track of the collected items. Therefore, it is mainly intended for the collector's personal use, but - of course - you are free to browse through, and asking questions on any item.

Legend: cosmetical condition
1 - mint, or as new
2 - minimal traces of usage
3 - some traces of usage
4 - considerable traces of usage
5 - damaged, heavily aged, etc.

List status: up to date 08.12.2008

Model Condition Accessories
EG3003 Video Genie System 3, working manuals
EG3008 Genie 2 4, boxed, working manuals, cables
EG2000 Colour Genie 3, working -
Ralf Marquis (1984) Mein Colour Genie. Sybex
Braun, Buchmüller, Seger (1983) Das Colour-Genie Buch 1. TCS Computer GmbH
Braun, Buchmüller, Seger (1984) Das Colour-Genie Buch 2. TCS Computer GmbH